ACTION for Trade Launches Ad Campaign Urging NAFTA Negotiators to Value and Protect Intellectual Property Rights

WASHINGTON (April 10) — Today, ACTION for Trade launched an ad campaign urging NAFTA negotiators to value and protect intellectual property rights.


The campaign — which includes a full-page print advertisement in Politico and digital buys on Twitter, Facebook, and throughout Washington — highlights the economic impact of IP-intensive industries. The campaign coincides with the push to modernize NAFTA this month.


“ACTION for Trade believes that a modernized NAFTA must better protect and support innovative and creative industries,” said Brian Pomper, executive director of ACTION for Trade. “As our ads show, these industries drive the U.S. economy.”


From movie studios in Georgia and recording studios in Tennessee to tech companies in Utah and biopharmaceutical labs in Kentucky, IP-intensive workplaces generate trillions of dollars of economic activity each year and support millions of American jobs. Every state benefits from this innovation and creativity.


About ACTION for Trade: The American Creative, Technology, and Innovative Organizations Network is a coalition of trade associations and businesses dedicated to shaping U.S. trade policy. ACTION for Trade aims to make sure U.S. trade policy and trade agreements foster innovation and creativity and protect the intellectual property that drives U.S. trade competitiveness. ACTION for Trade also seeks to help shape global trade standards to advance American creativity and innovation, to grow IPR-enabled U.S. services trade surplus, and to open new markets for American creators and innovators.


Emily Troisi
Keybridge Communications
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